Garfield: You Are Here

Urban neighborhoods across the country are undergoing tremendous change as new residents are discovering older, close-in communities with unique houses they can renovate and the people who have lived there for decades, many of whom are people of color, are feeling the heat of rising rents and housing prices which are making those places less affordable. Discover one such neighborhood in Phoenix. Garfield was Phoenix’s first suburb in the late 1880s and now is a community facing rapid change.

The "G" Word - Podcast

Welcome to the G Word. This podcast takes you to downtown Phoenix in the heart of the Garfield Historic District. The neighborhood has gone through quite a few changes in it’s over 100 years of history. But, its’ residents are wrestling with one of its biggest changes yet: gentrification. Listen as Garfield residents voice their hopes and fears about their evolving neighborhood.


The Complex - Video Game

One person’s revitalization is another person’s gentrification nightmare. The Complex looks at a phenomenon that is happening all over America--the battle for close-in urban neighborhoods that often pits newcomers against the people who have long lived in and made a community unique. See if you can navigate the different sides of a complex issue.


Historic Garfield District - Virtual Field Trip

This immersive Virtual Field Trip (iVFT) tells the story of the Historic Garfield Neighborhood in Downtown Phoenix. The area has experienced significant changes during the last forty years, and this transition has revealed both challenges and benefits associated with gentrification and revitalization.

iVFTs educate and tell stories by combining high resolution photography, videography, 360 degree photos and videos, and other interactive, immersive elements that reside on an intelligent tutoring system that allows users to ask and answer questions while providing real-time, adaptive feedback. Content acquisition utilizes traditional, photo, video, and spherical cameras. This iVFT system has been developed by Arizona State University’s Center for Education Through Exploration ( and Take virtual trip to Garfield and meet people navigating monumental change.


There Goes Garfield - Motion Book

Can this historic neighborhood hang on to its identity? What you will discover: the first settlements in Phoenix, the history of the Garfield neighborhood, what’s happening with gentrification, landmarks in Garfield, and hotspots in Garfield. Learn about Garfield’s long and unique history as Phoenix’s first suburb.